Battlefield 2042: Removing the Little Green Man Skin from the Game

Image for article Battlefield 2042 Removing & # 39;  Unintentional & # 39;  Link to the war between Russia and Ukraine

Screenshot: Battlefield 2042

Leather in the new Battlefield 2042 will be renamed in the next game update after users indicated that it has a lot in common with the group of Russian soldiers who participated in the country’s annexation of parts of Ukraine in 2014

One of the characters in the game, Russian-born Peter “Boris” Guskovsky, has a skin that you can unlock called “Little Green Man”. It looks like it might just be a joke since the skin is green camouflage and Boris is a very big boy. But thanks to the combination of Boris’s name and nationality, it was also quickly perceived as a reference to the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, historically Russian territory, but now within the recognized international borders of Ukraine.

An important and controversial part of this part of the conflict (which is still ongoing in some areas) was Russia’s use of unmarked forces without national flags or other markings on uniforms and vehicles that entered Ukraine and occupied several strategic locations, including the Crimean parliament. When using Russian technology, their lack of insignia allowed Vladimir Putin to state briefly that they were in fact local rebels and that this was not an explicit and open annexation of foreign territory.

Russia eventually admitted that these people were in fact elite special forces, but by that time the damage was done and Russia eventually took Crimea from Ukraine with the help of pro-Russian supporters in the region and a bogus referendum held in the region. after the capture of his parliament.

These unmarked troops quickly became known as the Little Green Men, so you can see why Ukrainian players who first played the game and discovered the skin were unhappy:

Image for article Battlefield 2042 Removing & # 39;  Unintentional & # 39;  Link to the war between Russia and Ukraine

Screenshot: Twitter

In response, the official Battlefield the account later tweeted that while the skin itself would remain, it would be renamed:

Today you helped us inform us about the name we use for the skin at Boris mastery levels.

He inadvertently refers to a real problem and does not reflect the values ​​of our team.

We will change the name in the next update and would be grateful for bringing it to our attention.

This happens the same weekend that Ukraine has accused Russia of concentrating 100,000 troops on its border

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