Battlefield 2042 Early Access Crashes Xbox Series X

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Although the latest release in Battlefield the series officially kicks off on November 19, people who gave out extra money to play Battlefield 2042 it’s too early to say the game won’t stop crashing on Xbox Series X.

“I just play for a few minutes, sometimes an hour, and all of a sudden my whole Xbox goes off,” reads the message attached at the top belonging Battlefield 2042 forum on technical issues.

More than 100 responses have been received in the chain since yesterday, the vast majority of which came from others. Battlefield 2042 players describing the same problems. Some note that crashes have been a constant issue since unlocking the game, while others note that they can only play for a few minutes before another error occurs that causes the console to crash.

The EA community appears to be doing everything they can to help disaffected players on the thread, but their proposed potential solutions – simple things like keeping the console firmware up to date – have not stopped the tide of complaints. Similar stories are starting to appear elsewhere, with many indicating that the problem was prevalent. in beta also.

“I played a couple of matches with my friends” explained by one user r / Battlefield2042… “Then in the next match I had no problems for 10 minutes, and then boom, Xbox Series X went completely off.”

“This is a serious need for a solution.” wrote another… “When you can’t finish the game and your entire console shuts down, that’s bad.”

“I didn’t pay $ 120 just to have the game crash back to the control panel every match,” said the third

Right, Battlefield 2042 there is an additional charge for early access. Whether it’s pre-orders for the Gold and Ultimate Edition packages ($ 89.99 and $ 109.99 respectively) or an active EA Play Pro membership ($ 14.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year), players currently experiencing these crashing issues are die-hard fans who have been willing to pay more for the seven-day head start.

While there are sporadic reports of similar issues on other platforms, Xbox Series X owners appear to be hit hardest by the sizable margins.

EA declined to comment when contacted Kotaku about this ongoing situation.

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