Battle Royale FMV ‘Bloodshore’ Gets New Cinematic Trailer And Changes Release Date

Wales Interactive has released a new cinematic trailer for its latest FMV Bloodshore. Oh, and we also have a confirmed release date.

Coming to Switch on November 3, players will watch a group of influencers, death row inmates and losing celebrities compete for the cash prize that will change their lives. As we noted when we first announced the game for Switch, it’s all very similar to Hunger Games and Twitch …

In total, it contains eight hours of FMV footage, which Wales Interactive claims is the largest “any video game” to date, and your decisions affect how the scenes are played out. There are several paths and outcomes to be discovered, and relationships are tracked throughout, influencing the development of the story.

Who are you saving?

Are you a fan of FMV games? Will this be on your Switch wishlist? Decide in the comments below.

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