Batman’s Dark Knight from Gotham City is coming to Minecraft next week in a DLC update

Image: Mojang, DC Comics

Aside from Minecraft Legends and a few other reveals, Minecraft also garnered attention during the Minecraft Live 2022 broadcast.

One of the many highlights was from DC Comics publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, who announced that the Caped Crusader Batman will be coming to Minecraft in a new DLC that will be released on October 18th (i.e. next week).

“In this DLC, you use Batman’s gadgets to explore Gotham and fight villains like Harley Quinn, the Penguin and more and unravel the Joker’s nefarious plot.”

As part of this announcement, every Minecraft user can receive a free character creation item wearing a Batman cap. Look here:

Minecraft - Batman DLC
Image: Mojang, DC Comics

You can see more of the upcoming Batman trailer in about 1 hour and 6 minutes in the stream below:

Are you excited to try out this latest Minecraft DLC announcement? Tell us below.

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