‘Bare Ass Boxing’ will let you bare more than your fists on Switch in 2023

On yesterday MIXING showcase, visual effects studio Tuatara Games has revealed a brand new, delightfully silly action movie coming to Switch – and you don’t need pants for it.

Bare Butt Boxing tells you exactly what the basic premise is from the name alone. A group of boxing aliens travel to Earth to practice their favorite sport. The problem is that they are not used to any rules or laws of the planet, so by exposing their asses to the public, they are trying to reproduce their favorite boxers on Earth – with chaotic results.

For a studio involved in creating visual effects for games like valiantfortnite, Yearfalland more, it’s a pretty drastic departure from previous experience, but looks like a real fuss!

Here are some more details from the press release that followed yesterday’s presentation:

Engage in one-on-one brawls for up to 6 players in colorful locations around the world. Line up the perfect charged punches to send your friends floating around the stage, or other fighters for a chain reaction of damage. Rise to fame in local and online multiplayer across multiple arenas set in vibrant cities, lush jungles and intergalactic spaceships.

Think not only with your ass, but also with your head: traps, pitfalls and other stupid dangers scattered throughout each level can lead to an instant knockout. Dash for bonuses like electric fists to shock and stun, stickybombs for explosive aftermath and invulnerability. Decorate your characters with cool customizations that can only be unlocked during gameplay and take the top spots on the leaderboards, leaving no doubt who is the champion.

A brawler at heart bare butt boxing allows players of all skill levels to compete. Careful strategy can win the day, but a well-placed strike by any player can set off a chain reaction of chaos and insane joy, bringing a smile to even the most battle-hardened fighter.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate should be shaking in his boots right now, as this physics-based boxer looks like he’ll eat hours if you get together with friends – in person or online.

However, we’ll have to wait a bit to get our hands on the game, as Bare Butt Boxing is a little shy and needs some time before he can bare everything. The game will release on Switch next year, but PC players will be able to try it out a little earlier as the team plans to flash the game a bit through Steam Early Access towards the end of the year.

In the meantime, you can follow game site for any updates or just take a look at some of the great asses this game has to offer. Do not worry; we won’t tell anyone.

Are you excited to play with Bare Butt Boxing when it comes out next year? Let us know about it in the comments!

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