Banshee Queen Kliodna is now available in the Spooky Smite update

The Banshee Queen Update marks the arrival of Kliodna, the newest Celtic goddess now available in Smite on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

The banshee’s screams echo across the emerald isle, their sorrowful cries proclaiming doom for the family as death now awaits outside the door. Few symbols of the Celtic era have survived longer than the banshee, and none of these gruesome bloodlines are more famous than their matriarch Kliodna. The banshee’s cry survives even in the modern world as a parallel to the sound of unbearable horror, when a person’s first desire is to close their ears to drown out the noise of such a terrifying force. And yet, while you should take into account the dangers of Kliodna’s horrific memorial service, her silence is far more terrifying.

We made Kliodna an assassin with a set that goes beyond just waiting outside the wall; she inside walls that hide unnoticed until the victim is most vulnerable, then strikes with the fury of a graveyard squeal. Kliodna embodies the gruesome aspect of the October months, allowing players to take on the role of midnight horror, stalking their enemies and striking without warning. Other games amaze you with jumping, but like Kliodna, you are jumping.

As powerful as her passive ability to wait within the walls is, staying too long will undermine her health and make her vulnerable. However, thanks to her second active ability, Shimmering Visions, the banshee queen can go unnoticed even in broad daylight, cursing her target for failing to locate Kliodna and giving her a speed boost for a quick escape. This ability demonstrates the unique playstyle that the goddess offers: assume the role of a ghostly spirit and your enemies will fall straight into the grave. If you still haven’t taken 2021 Smite Season Pass: Purchase it now to receive the limited skin of Ascended Cleodna along with other content for each Season 8 God.

The Queen brings with her treats and tricks from The Reaping: VIII. The Celtic goddess Artio took the mantle of the Beast Seer to destroy the witchcraft that haunts the land, but was captured and sealed in a coffin. Break all the locks by completing eight event quests to get the Artio Seer skin for free!

Spooky Smite update

All new exclusive skins are featured in The Reaping, including Crimson Steel Ares, Omniscient Oracle Zeus and Wise Cupid. The Seasonal Halloween Chest is also available with the Cybercrat Merlin and Death Puppet Kliodna. Yes that’s right! Kliodna will receive a new Exclusive Skin the same day she is released. Buy Halloween Chest Rolls or New Harvest Pelt to earn Pumpkin Currency. Collect six pumpkins for the main reward: Screamy Chibi Izanami.

Cold is creeping into the battlefield with the Winter Dead Woods, a massive visual update that covers the map of conquest in snow and ice. Plus: we’re introducing a completely new game mechanic: flashlights. The breaking lanterns will be placed in key locations on the map. The lantern’s attack releases a cloud of opaque mist for one minute, hiding players inside from enemy minions and gods. Watch out for broken lanterns: you never know what is hiding in the fog …

There is something for everyone in this update! There’s a new goddess, a new map update, a new event, and for everyone following Odyssey, the CAT Force Hercules skin is rising from the Dangerous Seas, and now is the perfect time to dive into the event!

Have a good autumn season and remember …

She is within the walls.

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