Back 4 Blood will still be online at launch

In response to a question about himself Return 4 Blood could be played offline in solo mode with AI teammates, developers Turtle Rock replied, “We’re looking for ways to support offline for the future but will need an internet connection to play at launch.” It’s a shame, because both Left 4 Dead games support the game offline and some players hoped that Back 4 Blood would follow. It won’t even have the split-screen game at launch, though Turtle Rock noticed that, “We would love to support this in the future but we will not launch with it.”

Hopefully both features will come in post-launch updates. Turtle Rock has gained some good will recently by announcing this The DLC will be accessible to all players of a game, as long as the boss owns it, as is also the case in games like Vermintide 2. It’s a relief to know that DLC won’t fragment players.

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