Back 4 Blood Special Infected Patch Coming Soon, The Game Is Too Hard


Screenshot: Turtle Rock Studios

No, it’s not just you. Yes, Back 4 Blood difficult, and yes, the game still spawns too many special infected. Turtle Rock, developers of the popular zombie shooter, admitted that Back 4 Blood is currently more difficult than anticipated and plans to address various unexpectedly high complexity issues.

During the stream earlier this week, Back 4 Blood ‘s The developers explained that the spawn rate of the Special Ridden is still too high, even after a patch released earlier this month tried to bring it down. At first, the studio thought they had fixed the situation with AI spawn maps, but it looks like the game still has an issue causing more specific Infected to appear, resulting in more frustrating missions for players.

“We have identified another important reason for the unintended increase in complexity,” explained Turtle Rock in a Reddit post summing up the stream… “And we are actively working on a solution. We will fix this and continue to create a game that will improve over time. “

Another annoying problem that led to an increase in difficulty was related to injuries. This is damage that accumulates during the mission and is more difficult to heal. Although the trauma is destined to complicate the missions, the developers confirmed that the players received too many at all difficulty levels games. Recent server the patch fixed it for online play and Turtle Rock says a full update will fix it for offline Single player game missions soon.

Turtle Rock also admitted which is currently the most popular and effective characters are built to complete more difficult missions involve decks are built solely on speed and endurance, which allows players to “quickly pass” levels. This leads to a lot of frustration among the people grouping with the random, as many of them simply run away alone at the very beginning of the mission, leaving everyone else behind. Turtle Rock did not go into details on how they plan to deal with these “speedrunners”, but said that future patches will aim to change the current meta.

Meanwhile, Back 4 Blood the number of players began to decline, even dropping below Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam… Perhaps these changes and future updates could bring some frustrated or annoyed players back.

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