Atari’s once-lost Shmup Akka Arrh makes a dazzling return in new screenshots

Image: Atari

Atari has shared some brand new visuals for the return of its once-lost classic Akka Arrh, which legendary British game designer Geoff Minter is working to create and complete.

Created by Mike Holley and Dave Ralston, Shmup was originally supposed to be released for arcades in 1982, but was canceled because it was deemed too complex during testing. This re-release was announced back in December 2022; an unfinished prototype was included with Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, but this new version – due out sometime this year – will be the complete package.

Check out a quick rundown of Atari itself, then marvel at some of the kaleidoscopic screenshots below:

Akka Arr combines synthetic madness with vivid dreamlike visuals. With a touch of Minter’s humor and a prolific graphic style, Akka Arr it’s a fantastic showcase of his love for psychedelic color and light combined with his ability to create pure arcade bliss. A frenzied kaleidoscope of neon madness Akka Arr is one of the rarest games of the arcade era, but it brings back the nostalgic arcade experience with a vengeance.

Rush through enemy waves as you pilot the award-winning Akka Arch, a powerful cannon that just begs to be unleashed. A rhythmic arcade shooter and a psychedelic visual explosion of color, this modern take on Atari’s impossibly rare arcade prototype embodies the neon style of the past decade to the letter T. Players will soon have the opportunity to experience more than just one of Atari’s rarest games. , but one of the rarest games of the arcade era!

With all the bright colors coming out of the screen and Minter at the helm, we can expect something incredibly fun, chaotic and a game that will always be fun.

Akka Arrh will be released in early 2023. Are you a fan of shmup and excited about this once forgotten release? Let us know!

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