Astroneer’s story ends with the free Awakening Update now available

Astroneer, the great space sandbox game, is getting a new free update today. Titled “The Awakening”, it’s the culmination of the game’s story, culminating in a beautiful space journey.

Focusing on storytelling, Awakening sees you receive an urgent mission from a brand new character. Your journey will take you to the very depths of the Sylva system, where you will have more magazines to listen to and more amazing places to explore.

Even though this is the end of the story, developer System Era Softworks has promised that it will still be updating the game with new gameplay-focused content coming later this year. And not only that, you can pre-order the upcoming graphic novel. Astronier: Countdowndue out in March this year.

Are you one of the 11 million players exploring space in Astroneer? Are you excited about this free update? Let us know!

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