Astroneer got a January release date and finally added cute animals to the game

Astroneer is a brilliant little base-building exploration game with literally hidden depths as you explore the procedurally generated network of caves beneath your base and collect minerals with your handy terraforming weapon.

Once you’ve managed to populate your home planet, it’s time to build a rocket and travel to new planets with more dangerous flora, harsh climates and – to make it all worth it – collect rare new elements.

The game was announced for Switch back in August with a release date in January 2022, and the developers of System Era Softworks have finally set a date: January 13, 2022. Don’t worry, it’s not Friday.

Along with the Switch launch, all versions of the game will also receive the latest “Xenobiology” update, which adds animals to the game – something that people have hoped for since it first went into Early Access five years ago. We only got a glimpse of these new creatures, with a small alien snail appearing for the shortest moment in the trailer, but we can’t wait to see how they affect the game.

Astroneer on Switch
Image: System Era Softworks
Astroneer on Switch
Image: System Era Softworks

Pre-orders for the game are now valid, and early adopters are getting a bonus Power palette and visor kit that appear to be from a specific other space character. A physical version will also be available for pre-order soon, with a Tunic palette and a visor kit that we can’t help but notice looks a bit like someone else we know wearing a green tunic …

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