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We’ve teamed up with PlayStation and the legendary Astro is crashing into the Blunderdome. Yes, that’s right – now you can be the cutest PlayStation robot right here in Fall Guys.

And since many of you have been asking how our incredible team of artists came up with these designs, we decided to give you a crash course in Fall Guys costume making. Enjoy!

Creating an Astro Bot Bean

Making a Fall Guys costume is about more than transformation.. Our talented art team believes that you really need to feel tedious costume, and not just become a completely different character. We think of the Fall Guys suit as real clothes made for your round body. It’s like a designer’s dream!

We pour our whole crazy, stupid, clumsy personality into everyone. From the iconic Astro to something sweet and cuddly (and a little scary too) with T-Rex. Not blowing too loudly on our own trumpet…we think we’ve made it.

Concept art created by the Fall Guys when they started imagining how Astro and T-Rex could look like cute little beans.

Bringing Astro and T-Rex to Blunderdome

In addition to being fun and cool, our costumes are chosen because they are reminiscent of a marriage made in madness. For example, Astro became a famous person. But he has so much sweet charisma that we looked at him and realized that he organically fit into our strange world. It was the fastest yes we’ve ever said. You couldn’t say anything faster than the way we said yes.

Lovely vibes, round body, absolutely unmistakable design. Everything works. Especially when you consider how popular both games are on PlayStation consoles. But what if you’re not making a costume based on an iconic character? It still needs to be recognizable on its own. And that’s when costumes like T-Rex come to the rescue. Basically, it’s a wonderful design that represents the collectible interest we know all of our players have. This is the suit you want to have in your locker.

Early renders, shaping and display of our favorite T-Rex costume.

How do you make costumes for Fall Guy?

To get to this stage, we go through a lot of iterations. And it all starts with the sketches of the art group.

This is where the madness is nullified and smoothed out. We explore every corner. What shapes can we use? What colors? Do we want blinding brilliance? And how much of an original character we bring to our Fall Guys design. For example, Astro Bot’s eye design is set lower than our regular designs to match the proportions. It is this attention to detail that we love.

Concept drawings of a T-Rex suit showing little Fall Guy proudly donning a suit in the making.

From sketches and drawings, we move on to rendering.

Our initial concepts often change a lot at this stage and for various reasons. From practicality to the fact that some projects just don’t work as well in 3D as they do in 2D.

Astro proudly poses after our amazing team of 3D artists completed the rendering of the state-of-the-art concept. Astro is now ready to rush into the Blunderdome.

We spend a lot of time here polishing and finishing before moving on to the polysculpting steps. This is where we create the 3D skin, then add textures, and finally lower our digital sculpting knives to admire our finished masterpiece.

Now for the sweet event (Sweet Thieves).

No Fall Guys costume release is complete without a new challenge, right? Sweet Thieves is a massive event with exciting new ways to play. And a massive collaboration like Astro Bot seemed like the perfect way to celebrate a fresh dose of shameless joy, goofiness, and mischief.

What’s more, T-Rex will also be available. It will cost you five crowns for the Top and five crowns for the Bottom. Pay attention to this during the event!

And your rewards:

  • Astrobot pattern – 100 points
  • Astrobot Nameplate – 200 points
  • Astrobot Undersuit – 400 points
  • Nickname Captain Astro – 600 points
  • Astrobot Top Suit – 800 points
  • Astro’s Wave Emote – 1000 Points

These delightful rewards are available to unlock in the Sweet Thieves Astro Bot Challenges from March 8 to March 13 in Fall Guy! And that is not all! The T-Rex will be available for purchase in the Fall Guys store from March 10 to March 13.

last beat

It was a long time in the making. It was a labor of love, from concepts to sketches, renders, iterations, and finally the finished costumes. We can not wait for you to get your clumsy mittens on Astro or T-Rex.

Thanks for reading, Bobs, and see you at the Blunderdome for sugar rush!

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