Aspire: Ina’s Tale is a beautiful yet delicately convoluted 2D adventure – now available

Hello everyone! My name is Pablo Abraham and I am the Game Director of Wondernaut Studio. We are a small Brazilian team located in the south of this vast country and together we have created Aspiration: Ina’s Talean evocative but gracefully twisted 2D adventure. Consider GRIS meets Limbaugh… In our game you will play as Inu, a brave heroine escaping from a living tower, who once imprisoned her in eternal sleep and fed on her dreams. When she suddenly wakes up, she embarks on a journey of freedom and discovery.

Along the way, you will encounter a variety of eclectic and quirky inhabitants of the Tower. Some are also prisoners and require your help to get free. Others are attached to the tower to serve it. It is thanks to these characters that you will discover both the history of the Tower and your own; After all, the Tower is alive and breathing, but it also feeds on hopes, dreams and imaginations. Will Ina remain a dreamer or will she wake up and strive for more?


You will also solve many puzzles, using Ina’s astral abilities to manipulate spirits that change the properties of objects around you. Control light and objects to change the shape of obstacles on your way. Sometimes you also need to rely on your time and accuracy to overcome the Tower’s obstacles.


And finally, music for Aspiration: Ina’s Tale has been carefully crafted to create a true journey of sound and emotion. It includes elements from a variety of musical genres and styles, with orchestra and traditional Asian ethnic instruments mixed with synthesized and mystical sounds.

So if you’re into creative, story-driven games with a penchant for engaging drawings that can be completed in a few sessions, then our little creation might be your next game.


Aspire: Ina’s Tale is available now on Xbox for $ 12.99.

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