Ascent Drops First Paid CyberSec DLC Today

CyberSec Mega, the largest military technology manufacturer and primary supplier to CorpSec, is pleased to announce the release of CyberSec package, his new explosive collection. V CyberSec package includes a brand new set of two new weapons, new tactical weapons, four new armor pieces, and four new animated weapon skins.

Disclaimer: This package is not for the faint of heart.

V CyberSec package available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One are priced today at $ 4.99 / £ 3.99 / € 4.99.

Also free new content for all players: trnsmogrification and eight new fashion items.

Transmogrification (commonly referred to as transmogrification) gives you the ability to replace the appearance of your armor with other items or to hide certain parts of your armor. Now you can do it in Climbing visiting the stylist found in every safe zone: Cluster 13, Node and High Street Arcology. For a small fee, the stylist will allow you to transmog any armor item that is currently equipped and replace its appearance with the selected transmogrification. If your new look gets old, you can always deselect and choose a new look!

Want to pay a visit to Punk Bladder, but without all the heavy armor like a regular Hubber? Now you can! We’ve added eight new trendy items for you to experiment with with the new transmog feature, and we’ve recently added Photo Mode.

  • Street cap
  • Hubber Cap
  • Outdoor headset
  • Habber shirt
  • T-shirt: Blood Direct
  • T-shirt: 2 Blob 3 Blob
  • Smooth trousers
  • Jeans by Habber

We hope you enjoy this update.

Good luck Indents!

Climbing Team

CyberSec package

Curve Digital

US $ 4.99

$ 4.49

CyberSec Mega, the largest manufacturer of military equipment and the main supplier of CorpSec, has released a completely new set of weapons, tactical gear, armor and animated skins. Disclaimer: This package is not for the faint of heart. The CyberSec Pack includes everything you need to impress, including: • two new weapons, a NEWT MGL grenade launcher and a RECOIL ballistic explosive rifle • plus one tactical weapon: the GR00P cluster grenade. Who said you can’t wreak havoc with style? Speaking of style, CyberSec Mega cares deeply for all of their customers, which is why they also created four completely new types of armor that protect you from the explosive chaos while also making sure you look good. • Boomblock vest for improved torso protection. • Boomblock shin protector for medium leg protection. You are probably thinking, but what about my head? CyberSec will provide you with the following services: • Boomblock Scalp for medium head protection • and Boomblock H-HD for improved head protection. And to look even cooler, four new animated skins for weapons: • Blue Digital; Hypno 01; Hypno 02; Red Digital CyberSec Mega values ​​your business.

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