Arrest made in Japan after Nintendo chief received death threats

Image: Nintendo

Video game companies have to deal with a lot of things behind the scenes, and one story that has recently come out is not at all pleasant.

According to the Nintendo Everything translation, Japanese media outlet Kyoto Shimbun reports the arrest on February 9, 2023 of a “36-year-old female regular on suspicion of intimidation” for allegedly sending death threats to a Nintendo executive last June.

It’s not clear exactly who targeted the Kyoto headquarters, but the package sent by the suspect was believed to have contained a bag of incense and some disturbing documents.

One of the attached messages reportedly contained notes such as “I’ll kill you” and “Die Nintendo!” and referred to a specific date. According to local police, the suspect has apparently never met the Nintendo executive and it is believed that “there was no personal hatred.”

As of now, Nintendo has not publicly commented on the incident, but if we become aware of any developments, we will let you know.

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