Archvale is what happens when you cross Legend Of Zelda with Bullet Hell

Archvale, a flamboyant RPG and Bullet Hell hybrid that might well be worth your time, is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 2.

Also on the same day as Xbox One and PC, Archvale invites you to loot and tinker to gain access to the best weapons, explore dungeons full of different enemies, and engage in “fast, fun and challenging” bullet fights. You can get a taste of this bullet hell fight in the shots above, plus its Zelda-style puzzles and RPG-style gameplay.

Here is a list of the main features that will tell you a little more:

PLAY YOUR WAY – Upgrade your character with icons, allowing players to create builds to suit their playstyle.

SKILL IS THE KEY – Skill-based bullet combat will challenge any weapon players choose and require precision and speed to succeed.

CREATE ARSENAL – Players can create over 200 types of weapons and armor using items collected from the environment and killing enemies.

EXPLORE THE WORLD – Encounter many enemies in a variety of environments and classic dungeons on an ever-changing map, where players will find the unique resources they need to complete their journey.

FIND OUT THE TRUTH – Unleash the dark lore of the world in your quest for an arc to the legendary world Archvale

The game will be available for $ 14.99 when it releases next week. Do you think you will try?

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