Apple’s new iPad Mini gets the updates I’ve been waiting for

Hand holding the 6th generation iPad Mini in Marvel Future Revolution.

I apologize for the massive, meaty hands.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

When Apple released the original iPad Mini in late 2012, I thought, “This is the ideal form factor for tablet gaming.” Wherever I went, I pulled out the compact device, showing its 7.9-inch screen how well it fits in my huge paws. I’ve never gone back to a full-sized iPad. Then Apple spent the next eight years neglecting my tiny tablet buddy, offering all the good upgrades to its enlarged models. I completely gave up on getting a good iPad Mini again, but this happened last month.

There is no more Home button. No lightning cable. It has a gorgeous 8.3-inch Retina LCD display and a powerful A15 Bionic chip. The iPad Mini is finally back.

Apple dropped the Home button on the iPhone X back in 2017. She removed the Home button and replaced the lightning with USB-C on the iPad Pro in 2018. Then, in 2019, the company introduced the fifth generation iPad Mini. …

The fifth generation iPad Mini, AKA bullshit.

Photo: Apple

I was completely crushed. For a fan of the smaller form factor, the presence of a Home button and the fact that this “new” hardware still used a proprietary Lightning cable was proof that Apple didn’t care about the Mini almost as much as I did. Despite the old components, I almost bought one, but I was put off by the IPS LCD.

Photo of Apple's newest and best sixth generation iPad Mini models.

Photo: Apple

That’s why it was such a joyful surprise last month when Apple unveiled the sixth-generation model – the first major redesign of the iPad Mini since its introduction in 2012. No more thick bezels at the top and bottom to house the Home button and equipment. … No shitty IPS screen. Four stereo speakers, two on the top and two on the bottom, as opposed to the fifth generation with two speakers only on the bottom.

Photo of a sixth-generation iPad Mini playing a shooter with an Xbox Series X controller.

I agree more wires could be used on the table.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

The sixth-generation iPad Mini is only slightly larger than the Xbox Series One controller. Throwing both in your play bag on the go is easy. With an Apple Arcade subscription, I have a huge library of controller-ready games close at hand. Yes, I could do the same with a Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo Switch also doesn’t do all the functions of an iPad like anything I can do with a computer over a 5G wireless connection.

In most cases, I prefer the iPad Mini to the latest iPad Air. The smaller form factor is more comfortable to hold in the hand for a long time. It is slightly wider. The compact screen means I can keep it close to my eyes and still perceive everything that is important to someone who spends a lot of time in bed due to a disability.

Photo of the back of the 6th generation iPad Mini.

My pink. I chose the perfect background for this photo to completely hide this fact.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

In fact, the only time I take an iPad Air instead of a Mini is when I want to read comics. I’m not getting any younger, and when it comes to reading text bubbles, bigger is always better for me. However, I can get by with the Mini if ​​I use a panel-by-panel zoom reader.

I’ve been playing games on my iPad Mini for a couple of weeks now, which is more than I’ve played on my iPhone or iPad Air in a few months. It’s so easy to pick up when I want to align mine Marvel future revolution characters or complete a few more rounds Zookeeper world… Who knows, maybe I’ll finally get back to the game Genshin Blow on this little child. I’m always looking for more things to adore and be angry at at the same time.

So the new iPad Mini, like its ancient ancestor of 2012, quickly became my favorite device for fast-paced gaming. Heck, although it sits on my computer desk above the bed a few inches from my mouse and keyboard, half the time I use it instead of my computer when I need to find something very quickly. Again, this is the middle ground between portability and power. Hopefully Apple doesn’t give me nine years to buy another decent model.

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