Appears This Mario Party Superstars Minigame has been adapted for accessibility


Mario Party Superstars He seems ready to renew some of our favorite tables and mini-games from the series ’history – and early films suggest that it will look fantastic “But here’s something even better.”

Mushroom Mix-Up, a minigame that Nintendo 64 owners might remember from the beginning Mario Party, makes a big comeback in Superstars. It has been given a visual change, as expected, but it seems that Nintendo has also thought about how the game can be made more accessible to a wider audience.

As noted by Twitter user @boukendreamer, the game’s platforms (which you have to jump between to stay alive) seem to have been redesigned to better accommodate colorful gamers. Now, platforms have different brands, meaning it’s easier to differentiate between each without the need for color.

It is possible that the redesign would have been a simple artistic choice with the improved accessibility being a happy coincidence, but we would like to think that this has been put into practice on purpose. If so, well done, Nintendo!

Do you want more positive news? It has also been confirmed that Mario Party Superstars will be the Nintendo’s first game to receive Brazilian Portuguese localization, a move that he realized has pleased many Brazil fans.



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