Apex Legends Servers Hacked To Protest Titanfall Hack, Respawn Claims Fixed


Apex Legends’ servers were hacked in an attempt to save Titanfall, a seven-year-old game that is now nearly impossible to play due to its many hacks. Apex Legends players have shared on Twitter that they are unable to participate in the match and instead receive a message that says “SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is under attack, and Apex.” Both Apex Legends and Titanfall were developed by Respawn Entertainment, and Titanfall players have long complained about the dire state of its servers, which hackers are plagued by.

Respawn released Tiatnfall as a multiplayer game in 2014. It was quite popular at the time, but multiplayer has become a lot less fun over the years. The servers are said to have vulnerabilities that were exploited by hackers, leading to server crashes and matchmaking issues. Since Titanfall is an online game and the developer hasn’t fixed the issue yet, the hackers decided in protest to attack another popular Battle Royale title, Apex Legends.

The players were making report that the server playlist in Apex Legends has been replaced with a message that reads “SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is under attack, and Apex.” Some players said they received the message “Important message, please visit and repost to” after the match. Respawn said it has investigated the issue and pushed server update to solve matchmaking problems.

“We have confirmed that matchmaking has been restored. We are following what is happening, but we believe that the problem has been resolved, ”Respawn said on Twitter. is a website that was created a few months ago to draw attention to the non-playable nature of the game. The website reports that hackers are using exploits that prevent players from playing the game, and that “Respawn willingly pretends not to know about the situation.” Server issues became even more apparent when Titanfall released on Steam last November, after being exclusive to the Origin store since its launch in 2014. Shortly after release, reviews on Steam were “mostly negative” and the most recent reviews were “overwhelmingly negative.” In April, the developer admitted question and said, “Help will come as soon as possible.”

However, states that neither the website nor its Discord servers have anything to do with the recent Apex Legends hack. This suggests that the hacker or hackers are working independently to bring developers and players’ attention to the Titanfall website and state of the art.


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