Apex Legends Season 10: Seer Abilities Explained

We’ve been talking about Apex Legends Season 10 and its new character, The Seer, since the beginning of this month. We’ve seen loads of trailers detailing his Cursed Child backstory as well as gameplay footage showing some of his mystical powers in action. But what can the Seer really do; what are its passive, tactical and ultimate properties? Respawn’s latest character trailer finally gave us the answers to these questions. Here’s an explanation of the Seer’s kit:

Heartseeker (passive)

The Seer joins a small selection of scouting legends including Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Crypto, and Valkyrie. What separates the newest character from his contemporaries is how effective he is as a tracker. While aiming, the Seer can actively see and hear the heartbeat of his enemies within a radius of 75 meters. As with the Bloodhound scan, enemies can be seen through walls and other structures. So remember to watch the corners as you cross fenced areas; The Seer could wait around the corner with the Mastiff’s shotgun pointed in advance.

Focus of attention (tactical)

It was never known that tactical abilities can directly kill an enemy, but their instant application in heady gunfights can easily create victory conditions when used at the right time. The Seer’s focus is especially destructive. This may not damage health, but it can override actions such as healing yourself and reviving downed teammates, which is arguably just as dire. Drones emerge from a heart-shaped gem in the Seer’s chest and detonate all other nearby teams, detecting and interrupting them.

Exhibition (Ultimate)

We’ve seen this in action countless times, but now we know exactly what the Seer Ultimate, Exhibit, is doing. A large holographic bubble is created – it seems to have the potential to completely cover an entire point of interest – and all players who “strongly” pass through it (eg, run) are immediately allocated to the Seer and his team. Can you imagine what chaos could be a catalyst in the last few quarters with Exhibit activated? Only time will tell how the Seer fits into the current meta and whether his presence could become commonplace in both public and ranked matches.

Now that we have the names and direct explanations for the Seer set, what do you think of the 18th Apex Legends character?

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