Apex Legends – Revelry shakes up the party with an anniversary celebration and a new season of content


  • Team deathmatch – 6 vs 6 (two squads of 3 people per team).
  • Updated Legendary Classes and Abilities – Five classes, each with specific benefits.
  • The Nemesis Burst Assault Rifle is an energy-class assault rifle with an automatic trigger and bursts.

In other words for “revelry” are parties, festivities, fun… and that’s exactly what you can expect from this season. Apex Legends. In the four years since launch, it has steadily thrived with new legends, weapons, maps, seasons, and more. But with the February 14th Revelry update, this could be one of the most significant years yet. Apex Legends more.

Team Deathmatch Replaces Arenas

I was disappointed to learn that the Arena mode is being removed from the game (it’s one of my favorite modes). But instead, Respawn is bringing Team Deathmatch (TDM) to the game. In this iconic game mode, teams of 6 players compete for the first-30 kills in best-of-three matches. You can team up with two friends (or use autocomplete) and join another team of three to take on two other teams of three in Skull Town, Party Crashers, and Habitat 4.

Besides, Apex Legends Coming in March is Mixtape, which is a permanent playlist of TDM and fan-favorite limited-time modes from previous seasons in a constant loop. Team Deathmatch and Mixtape will not have a ranked mode (at least for now). Speaking of ranked modes and map rotations, this season’s Battle Royale will feature map rotation, another long-standing feature that fans have been asking for.

Apex Legends Feast

Updated Legendary Classes and Abilities

One of the biggest revelations from the recent hands-on preview is that Legends will now be assigned to one of five classes while retaining their individual abilities. The developers discussed that players didn’t choose Legends based on their roles, mainly because the class structure wasn’t efficient enough. This discrepancy eventually led to a revision of the entire main class system.

The way this will work after the Revelry update is that each class will receive a certain benefit (perk); this will be available to all legends in that class. Some perks will be similar to abilities that exist in the game today, such as containers with special compartments and scanning for the next location of the ring. Others will be new and potentially game-changing, such as detecting the location of enemy players on the map and creating banners of fallen teammates in the Replicator. This redesign is for teams that mix offensive and defensive classes and legends.

Apex Legends Feast

Nemesis Burst Assault Rifle

Designed to compete with the R-301 and Flatline assault rifles, the Nemesis Burst assault rifle is a hybrid of Hemlock and Havoc. It fires a four-round burst each time the trigger is pulled, but holding the trigger engages the auto-fire feature, automatically repeating the burst. The longer the trigger pull, the shorter the time between bursts until it fires like a fully automatic weapon. It is very powerful and I expect many players to use it.

Other weapon changes coming this season include the return of the Rampage light machine gun to the battlefield, while the Volt submachine gun and Longbow DMR will be available for crafting on the Replicator. In addition, shotguns are getting some much-needed upgrades. The Peacekeeper and Mastiff can now equip Tactical Stocks to improve reload speed, handling, and target displacement, as well as a Gold Shotgun Bolt to increase rate of fire, and the added ability to automatically reload while sliding.

Apex Legends Feast

The three main things that excite me the most about Apex Legends revelry

  • Restoring Allied Banners (Even Expired)) – Out of all the new class perks shown during the preview, this one got me the most excited. Support Legends (Loba, Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Newcastle) will be able to create teammate banners from the Replicator for 30 material, even if their banner card in the deathbox has expired. You will still need to use one of the stationary or mobile spawn beacons to revive your teammates, but hopefully this change will encourage fallen players to stay behind for a chance to join the fight again.
  • Weapon care package – Learning that the Hemlock Assault Rifle will be part of this season’s Care Package was a bit of a surprise as it’s not one of the most popular weapons, but it’s one of my personal favorites and this upgraded version is devastating in combat. It boasts increased damage, especially on headshots, and is also equipped with an enhanced loadout feature. It’s pretty cool.
  • New Player Experience “I applaud Respawn for improving the onboarding of new players by taking steps to help them get used to the game. Recruits will have to complete a series of introductory matches on a mostly bot battlefield before access to the public servers is available. In addition, new members can earn an Apex 101 badge by completing 10 challenges designed to introduce them to the core mechanics of the game. While these innovative measures will help welcome newcomers to the game, they will also help seasoned players find competent and battle-ready teammates.

As in every new Apex Legends The Revelry Season will feature a new Battle Pass featuring legendary and weapon skins, weapon amulets, banner frames, and emotes. Each card gets a festive makeover, with colorful banners adorning the buildings and chibi balloons of legend adorning the sky. Best of all is the return of the Mirage Voyage. Let the fun begin!

Apex Legends Feast

Apex Legends is a free-to-play shooter available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Be sure to check out everything that’s included in the new season of Revelry when it kicks off February 14th. And if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, don’t forget to redeem your perks and claim the Arc of Gold Weapon Amulet, available for a limited time with your monthly EA Play Rewards.

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