Another Namco Classic Coming To The Hamster Arcade Archives This Week


The release of the arcade archives this week from the Hamster Corporation – the classic 1980 Namco game “maze chase” Rally-X… Here are the PRs and screenshots:

RALLY-X is an action game released by NAMCO in 1980. Players drive a car and dodge the pursuit of red cars by collecting flags. Stop the red cars with a smoke screen when they get too close. “

Here is a look, courtesy of the YouTube channel Old classics of retro games:

One fact about Rally-X is that this is a Namco game. “Special flag“- otherwise known as” S-Flag “- debuted in. Same flag features in Super Smash Bros. series and adds an additional knockout or box in battle.

This game is available for $ 7.99 USD or the equivalent for your region. Will you add this header to your switch? Tell us below.


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