Another cloud game is on the way for Nintendo Switch this July


I can see pros and cons for cloud games on the switch. It’s not for me personally because I like to have the files locally for any game I can (even if my sd card is full, I will support it on pc rather than direct cancellation). And I absolutely hate the idea of ​​having the queue for server time if I buy a game (I think Alex mentioned it in his video on Control).

That said, the Switch has a great form factor, so it’s nice to play all kinds of games on it, even if the game can’t run on it natively. I played Android on my switch and I played pc games on Nvidia Moonlight. It’s a great experience, even streaming from outside the home. So I definitely see the appeal of these cloud games. (And I read Valve could launch a SteamPal handheld that will essentially be the same thing).


But the price must change. The games won’t last. The servants will eventually stop. And the experience itself is limited (row, lag, performance spike etc.). They need to be much more affordable or they need to be given some sort of permanent property (cross purchase with pc or other platform perhaps).


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