Anniversary: ​​Zelda: Twilight Princess turns 15 (that’s 105 years of the wolf)

Wii turns 15 this week. It’s not that bad, is it? It feels like it came out about a decade and a half ago, doesn’t it? For context, here are a few more events that happened in 2006. Cars film, Daniel Craig Bond’s first film, Casino Royaleand we met Dr. Kawashima in the very first brain training game.

But along with this news comes a little more disturbing news: “The Twilight Princess” is now 15 years old, which, funnily, makes her older than “Link to the Past” was when “The Twilight Princess” was released. Let’s calculate together:

A Link To The Past was released on November 21, 1991.

“The Twilight Princess” was released on November 19, 2006.

When Twilight Princess came out, ALTTP was 5477 days (or 14 years, 11 months and 29 days).

The Twilight Princess was exactly 5477 days old on Wednesday.

It’s all. Have a nice day! 😊

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