Animal Crossing New Years Eve Guide – Tom Nook New Years Eve List for New Horizons

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As you know, New Year’s parties are common nonsense. Aside from occasional rock and roll or swish and swing parties, they often turn out to be expensive and frustrating evenings that lead to you not starting the new year upbeat and optimistic, but with a fat head and lots of dry cleaners. pay attention.

So why not stay at home with your Switch and celebrate the New Year with Animal Crossing: New Horizons instead of? Invite your friends and spend the night! Or settle down alone – we are not judging.

Here’s a guide on how to get the most out of your New Years in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: New Year’s Guide

Time of New Year’s events

Beginning at 5 am on December 31st.The Resident Office will be closed on your island, Tom Nook and Isabelle will be dressed for the occasion and set a giant countdown clock in front of the building. There are also decorations and a prize trolley on the square.

Throughout the day on December 31st, the entire island will celebrate the coming of the new year with a giant party in the square. V the festivities will last all day on the 31st. your game – culminating, of course, with the New Years Eve at midnight.

New Year's goods
Image: Nintendo

New Years Items from Tom Nook and Nook Shopping – How to Get a New Years Silk Hat

On the eve of the New Year, players can buy special items from the Nook Shopping in their application or in the Resident Support Service; one of these items, sparkling cider, can be held and used for toast when you press “A” – a festive addition to the celebration.

One more note about available hats: only one type of hat, four different colorswill be available for purchase from Tom Nook every year. Therefore, you can only have New Year hat in four different colors available this year and next year Silk christmas hat may be available in other colors (eight colors in total). Be sure to visit your friends’ islands to collect other variations!

Other holiday items and tips on how to purchase them can be found below. You will need to talk to Tom Nook in your main square to get some of them!

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