Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting a great second soundtrack this June

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Animal Crossing This episode features one of the most relaxing and downright beautiful pieces of music in the entire video game industry. From soft, relaxing music to help you learn to upbeat music that lifts your spirits, there’s something for everyone. Last year, for the 20th anniversary of the series, we released a wonderful soundtrack on 7 discs, and now we have a sequel.

On June 22, Nintendo will release the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2 Original Soundtrack. This release features some of the music from last year’s collection, as well as many new additions up to patch 2.0. This means that the music from Happy Home Paradise will not be included, but at least there are plenty of other cozy tunes to relax and unwind to.

The price is 7,480 yen, which works out to just over £45 or $57. The soundtrack contains five CDs with over 140 tracks. Some of the music is taken from last year’s original release, but the fifth disc contains all the music added in the updates.

There’s also a DVD containing a commercial for the KK Slider, as well as some aerobics exercises based on the ones you can do outside of the town hall. How delightful! In addition to that, there is a small, stamped card that you can tag to say you attended aerobics, and there are 12 postcards that you can send to your friends. Or leave and frame.

However, this is not the only musical release from Animal Crossing. On November 23rd, last year’s KK Slider Music: Instrumental Collection will be re-released on vinyl for 4,620 yen – about £28 or $35. This retains all 18 tracks from the original release, while adding one brand new bonus track for diehard KK Slider fans. You can go and listen to an excerpt of this fresh new beat from the dog itself on Nintendo Japan press release.

KK Slider Vinyl
Image: Nintendo

They are currently slated to be available only in Japan at My Nintendo Store, Nintendo TOKYO, and many CD stores across the country. However, last year’s special collection was eventually added to Amazon in the US, and given New Horizon’s popularity, it’s hard to imagine it won’t eventually be available overseas.

Will you take this soundtrack collection or the KK Slider vinyl? Let us know!

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