Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Everything Will Be In The Final Free Update

Twenty minutes in Nintendo Direct usually equals four to ten big things, but Animal Crossing Direct had more cue balls than a sticky baby lunchbox. So much so that we had to split our usual summary of “everything” into two parts: free and paid.

Here’s everything you can find in Update 2.0 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons without paying for it:

The basics

  • It’s all free, obviously
  • The update will be available for download from November 5th.
  • The version number is 2.0.
  • This is the last “major pay-per-content update” – we may still get more minor updates or major paid renewal

Big stuff

We’ve categorized all the new additions into “important” and “quality of life improvements”, but you may disagree with us on what counts as “big”! However, here are what we think are significant changes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

Returning and updating special characters


You can read the full list here, but a few favorite NPCs will appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where Brewster will take on The Roost, and many more (Tortimer, Harriet, Reese, and Cyrus) will be available on Harv’s Island.

New special characters and villagers

Screenshot (77)

Nico and Wardell have something to do with the Happy Home Paradise expansion, and we can assume that Wardell is somehow related to Wendell Walrus from previous games.

But take a closer look at the amiibo maps and you’ll see a dizzying array of new villagers, including the robot octopus Cephalobot, the galactic chipmunk Ione, and the creepy dog ​​father Frett. It’s not entirely clear how many of these new residents will live in Happy Home Paradise alone.

Expansion of Harva Island

Screenshot (21)

Harva Island will now be even more useful, with the shopping-themed expansion behind. It seems a bit like camping, and vendors who usually come to town occasionally like Kicks, Saharah and Leif may open small shops with a caravan, while returning favorites like Tortimer, Katrina and Harriet offer new Services. …

You will need to raise enough money to invite everyone individually using the very beautiful version of Lloid with a mustache.

Frog stool

The frog stool is back, baby. And that can be customized too.


Screenshot (39)

Who would have guessed a culinary mechanic would appear in Animal Crossing? USA, THIS IS WHO. But, not to mention our foresight, the new culinary menu, which appears to be accessible through the oven, will give you the opportunity to turn a variety of fruits, vegetables and more into delicious and decorative plates. But where to get all the vegetables?


Screenshot (36)

… Of course, growing! Farming used to be like, like, something like in the game, with the addition of pumpkin, but now this has been expanded to include tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane and many other crops that you can grow from scratch.

Capp islands

Screenshot (17)

Kapp’n returns from his role in New Leaf as a ferry to Tortimer Island, and this time he will take you to a new place that only he knows. Take a ride on his boat (and listen to his sea shacks) to access new islands that can have different weather, time of day, and even seasons compared to your main island, making insect fishing and fish much more accessible all year round. … There will also be new species of flora, such as vines, which can be used to climb rocks like stairs.


Screenshot (7)

We all knew this would happen thanks to Nintendo Direct in September, but it’s good to see the new and updated Roost open at the museum.

The Roost is a dimly lit and very cozy little café where diners can have coffee any time of the day. The exclusively avian barista Brewster works here. You will be able to see the visiting characters and villagers here, as well as be able to invite friends and sit down for a cup of joe – just hold the pigeon’s milk, please.

New furniture

We saw new furniture (like the Froggy chair we mentioned earlier), as well as the ability to customize previously not customizable items using Reese and Cyrus’s services on Harva Island. We’ll also get new Nook Miles items, a very cute antique music box and ceiling décor, and something called The Amazing Machine, which … is a mystery. Now.

New fences

Screenshot (47)

This is exactly what it looks like: nine new fences including block fencing, lattice fencing, log wall fencing, corrugated iron fencing and more. It is also possible to customize fences.

More hairstyles

Screenshot (53)

There are 11 new hairstyles available, including those you will have to learn from Harriet, the poodle stylist from Harva Island. There is a braid on the side, the image of a guy with loose hair in the middle of the parting, as well as waves, dreadlocks and pigtails.

More reactions

Screenshot (54)

11 new reactions are expected, including:

  • Double wave
  • Stretch
  • Bounce to music
  • Listening to the ears
  • Say cheese

New songs by KK Slider

Screenshot (61)

KK has been hard at work in the studio and we will have 12 new songs as a result, including:

  • Chillwave
  • K.K. Bashment
  • Kk break
  • K.K. Chorigno
  • Kk dub
  • KK Fuge
  • Kk hip hop
  • KK Amateurs
  • KK Polka

First person camera and tripod

Screenshot (50)

The camera app on the Nook Phone now lets you switch to first person or tripod mode, allowing you to take the photos you’re in.


Screenshot (66)

Gyroids are not only back, but now they are VERY cool and VERY weird. Dig up the gyroid fragments and plant them again to grow. Once they absorb the water, they will turn into large gyroids, which you can then dig up. again to find out what this gyroid is!

Each has its own design and different noise, and they look much cooler and more varied than the older, more similar ones. You can even customize them to match the aesthetics of your home, and just like past games, they sing along to the melodies and to the beat of the music.

There used to be a limit on the number of gyroids in one room – 4 in New Leaf and 8 in City Folk. It looks like this time the limit will be at least 7 and you will be able to display fragments as well.


Screenshot (29)

We doubt anyone could have predicted this, but you can now do stretching sessions in the plaza with your villagers and special NPCs like Brewster. Uh, do birds need to stretch?

You can even join your online friends and practice in real life using the Joy-Con. Basically, this is a calmer Ring Fit model where no one yells at you.

Quality of life updates

Visiting villagers’ houses

We wondered if the residents hate us and / or our home decor, but now we can finally properly visit each other’s homes instead of just invading while they go about their business. You can invite them, and they can invite you – and if New Horizons is anything like the previous games, perhaps they can just invite themselves above.

Placement between furniture

To be honest, we thought it was already in the game because it was in New Leaf, but no – we couldn’t escape the whole time! When the gaps between furniture are too small, the only way to get through them is to turn sideways and dodge a little. Finally, he is back, and now we can fold all our furniture again.

Storage shed

Outdoor storage HERE. The storage shed will allow you to store your belongings without going home.

Standing stairs

Visit the Nook store to grab a ladder kit and install permanent ladders wherever you want. If you are tired of switching to stairs every time you want to climb, then this is a great solution – it’s compact, much smaller than the slope, and it also comes in different designs!

Your own ABD

The automatic call dispenser is usually located inside the Resident Services building, which means you have to go inside, wait for the loading screen, then access the car itself, and then go back outside … it’s very tedious. You can now place ABD anywhere you want to access your money without relying on the town hall. Hooray!

Island Life 101 app

This is a lifesaver for anyone who feels like they’ve missed out on the pandemic craze of ACNH or are joining an island where everything is already set up. The Island Life 101 app on the in-game NookPhone will tell you how everything works in the game, so it won’t take you long to figure it out. It’s basically a tutorial, without having to go through the “we just landed on a desert island” tutorial.

Island Mysteries

Island Ordinances is an often requested feature that allows you to set a rule to match your play style. There are four of them, and based on New Leaf, we can guess what they do: Beautiful Island will probably stop weed growth and plant extinction, so you can be sure your island stays beautiful if you can’t visit it every day; Early Bird and Night Owl will change the opening hours of residents and shops; Bell Boom will probably make things sell for more or make it easier to somehow make money, like increasing the number of bells you find in stones.

More home exteriors

Customize your home to match your island’s aesthetic with new home exteriors!

Three new storage expansions

Home storage can now hold up to 5,000 items.

Ceiling furniture

As with Happy Home Designer, you can place certain furniture on the ceiling – lamps, CCTV cameras, dangling objects. This will free up space on your walls for more stuff!

Accent Walls

If you want the wallpaper to be on one (or two, or three) walls, now you can do just that – just select “Set as accent wall”.

Screenshot (46)

Furniture patterns can be worn or used as wallpaper

It will be much easier to design cute houses this way!

Bridges and slopes increased to 10 each

It used to be 8, which was an annoying artificial limit. With this and permanent ladder, there will now be many more ways to navigate the island!

If you’d like to know more about Happy Home Paradise features, we’ll also have a separate article including Series 5 amiibo cards.

What’s your favorite new feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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