Animal Crossing Fan Can’t Replay Update Due To Huge Old Maze

Animal Crossing's Avery smiles at the camera as he is surrounded by numerous terraformed maze paths he created in Animal Crossing.

“Ha ha, I’m in danger” – Avery (probably)
Screenshot: Nintendo / Avery Monsen

Re-acquaintance with their Animal Crossing: New Horizons After spending a lot of time away from the island, you may feel like you are traveling through a maze that you have created. So it was with the actor and the screenwriter. Avery Monsenwho recently returned to an island he literally turned into a labyrinth in which the mythological Greek inventor Daedalus disgrace.

With such skill and ingenuity in excavation, one would think that Monsen was Crossbreeding veteran of the series, but New Horizons this is the first game he played. In fact, before sailing off ACNHMonsen only played two other video games in his life. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Stardew valley

“My parents didn’t allow video games when I was a kid,” Monsen said. Kotaku… “But a few Christmas years ago, my wife bought the Switch, and then I went into a frenzied fever, which sometimes happens to people from childhood without games.”

And he dived deep. In no time, Monsen is almost 100% BotW and his DLC and got to Stardew valley so much ancient fruits there was nothing to do later. ”

“But then, during the covid quarantine last year, it seemed like everyone on Twitter was talking about Crossbreedingso I tried it, ”said Monsen. “I hope people are not angry about this, [but] I did not like Crossbreeding as much as Valley of Stardew. I understand that it’s funny when someone who has played only three games even speaks out here like a kid offering financial advice. “

Monsen found Stardew valleythe gameplay should be a little less repetitive, but also have a weirder premise that he liked. Despite his claims, Monsen could not stop playing Crossbreeding of animals.

“Once I got the Terraforming Island Designer app, I decided to turn the whole island into a maze that did two things: A) I enjoyed making my own game more than pulling out weeds and breaking rocks. [and] B) When the whole island turned into a maze, the game could not be played, and I would have to go to read a book, ”he said.

Monsen estimates that it took him at least two weeks to build his island maze, which he said was enough for his wife to go from jokes about his concern for his well-being to genuine concern. But of course, he immediately stopped playing the game right after he finished his maze.

“It takes 10 minutes to get from anywhere on the island to another place. I really messed it up, ”he said.

But how fishing for sea bass while fishing, Crossbreeding inevitably, and Monsen found himself raising his switch again in anticipation of the game’s release. recent massive update to version 2.0… But when he finally fell, his return to the island paradise was far from idyllic.

An unfortunate side effect of being a talented labyrinth master was that the walls of Monsen’s labyrinth obscured the hedges of his island, making it impossible to climb the stairs. He found that if he wants to go somewhere on his once beloved island, he must boldly go through the maze to get there. And he quickly discovered that whether a new patch or not, he actually made his island unplayable.

“I wouldn’t say I forgot about my maze, but I definitely forgot how troublesome it is. This is a nightmare, ”said Monsen. “So I took some screenshots and posted them on my Twitter. I was very quickly flooded with people who were impressed by my dedication and terrified by my obsession. Both of these reactions are valid. “

Moon stands at the head of Avery's bed and tells him what the address of his island is, while he lies on a bed in the sky surrounded by purple clouds.

Do you dare to conquer the maze island of Avery?
Screenshot: Nintendo / Avery Monsen

While his labyrinthine island might be infamous as a particularly creative island design, Monsen thinks he’s done with it. Crossbreeding… Any potential time to build the maze is now taken up by raising his two-month-old daughter, who he says is incredible despite not having the know-how in building virtual island mazes.

He posted the address of his dreams for anyone who considers themselves brave enough to tackle his maze: DA-4398-9607-2053… While Monsen would like to think he’s left the game phase behind, he admitted to setting Google alerts for both. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Haunted Chocolatier by ConcernedApe

“I hope people like my island and I hope it doesn’t make me look completely crazy,” he said.

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