Angry Birds breaks into Minecraft

Here is the secret: I always suspected that the pigs in my ordinary world were up to something.. At my base in the tundra, they have been known to use the snow to jump fences, and sometimes I catch them gathering in a corner, snorting and whispering. I think they are planning to destroy my pig racing tradition in favor of their favorite pastime: eating beets. But even the dastardly plans of my piglets have nothing to do with the conspiratorial piglets you will meet in the new Angry Birds DLC*!

That’s right, in this a vibrant fantasy new world from Oreville Studios and Rovio Entertainment, the pigs are up to their old tricks again and it’s up to you to stop them! Playing as Red, your mission is to save your friends who have fallen asleep as birds, save your precious eggs, and thwart the pesky pigs’ grand plans. Fight your way through the unique blocky Cobalt Plateau, through the dangerous Pig Dump, through Summer Madness, and through Pig City to try and find your friends. With each rescued buddy, you will not only receive their heartfelt gratitude, but you will also unlock them as playable characters. so you can use the unique skills of Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella and more to your advantage!

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