Angry and funny dwarf in the new Half-Life VR series

Gnome model from Half-Life with silly quotes.

Screenshot: Valve / Kotaku

Half-life: Alyx Great. One of the best VR games I have ever played and one of my favorite games of 2020. It’s hard to improve this. However, the new Let’s Play series has found one way to make Valve’s VR hit even better: add a really weird and annoying self-aware gnome to the adventure.

Half-Life: Alyx, but the dwarf is too knowledgeable began back in June 2021 as a series of live broadcasts hosted by internet content creator and streamer WayneRadioTV. However, it wasn’t until November that edited, shorter versions of the streams began to appear on YouTube. And since then, every new part of the supernatural comedy has hooked me.

Premise Half-Life: Alyx, but the dwarf is too knowledgeable simple: Wayne, a man playing a game in virtual reality, installed a secret hidden mod for Half-life: Alyx to breathe life into the game usually silent prop Gnome Chompsinky. However, it becomes clear pretty quickly in his playthrough that the gnome isn’t just a simple mod, and he simultaneously berates, frustrates, insults, and befriends Wayne as he desperately tries to see the game through. getting an achievement in the process.

Now, to be clear, the mod is not real. It’s all role play. Wayne and the people involved in voicing the gnome and talking to Wayne use ad-lib to create a silly storyline along the way, often contradicting past statements to create weirder or funnier jokes and gags. What makes it so good is that Wayne does a good job of playing a straight man trying to deal with a supernatural entity that seems hell-bent on driving him crazy. It also helps that the people involved are really funny and able to improvise well, often pushing each other to get weirder or goofier, with fantastic results.

If it all sounds familiar it’s also fun Half-Life VR, but AI is self-aware let’s play 2020 series, that’s because Wayne and his friends were also behind this hugely popular series. And like HLVRAI, the gnome series uses Half life as a foundation on which to build. Instead of building sets and creating complex costumes and effects, Wayne and his friends can use the already established lore and world Half life to make it easier to create and tell your own weird stories. The end result is a comedy series that has already become one of my favorite shows of 2022.

The series is now entering its fourth act. You can view past episodes at WayneRadioTV YouTube channelto keep up to date with all the antics of the dwarves before new episodes appear in the near future.

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