And the best-selling console of 2021 in the US was… the Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch has been confirmed to be the best-selling game console of 2021 in the US.

It is reported by The NPD Group. Matt Piscatella, who shared US sales statistics for December. Piscatella notes that while the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 were “effectively pegged” to dollar sales per month, the Switch was the best-seller in terms of units sold.

Another strong month in the market means the Switch ended 2021 as the top console in the US in both sales volume (number of consoles sold) and dollar sales (total amount spent by consumers).

Earlier today, it was confirmed that the Switch was also the top selling console in the UK in 2021, which means we now know that the Nintendo system has managed to outsell its consoles in the US, UK. and Japan last year.

Can we expect similarly strong results in 2022? Only twelve months until we find out.


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