Analyst Predicts Next Gen Nintendo Switch Release Date In 2024

Image: Nintendo Life

With all the rumors about the infamous “Switch Pro” and the eventual release of a Switch OLED model last year, we hardly had a chance to think about true next-gen Nintendo hardware. The Switch has been repeatedly described as being in the “middle” of its lifecycle over the past year or two, which suggests many more years for it to flourish.

But if history repeats itself one more time, something new will eventually take over the reins. Decades since this hobby of ours became popular, we still haven’t seen a system live without a successor to replace it a few years later – so what does the future of Nintendo look like and when can we expect the new system to surpass the Switch? place?

Well, according to Ampere Analysis’s Pierce Harding-Rolls, Nintendo’s new next-generation console could arrive “in late 2024.” Speaking with GamesIndustry.bizHarding Rolls Says He Doesn’t Expect The Switch Pro This Year Or Possibly Everand that Switch sales will start to decline slightly this year.

“Currently, I expect the console market year-over-year to be pretty flat in 2022 as Switch sales decline and we’ve gone through an amazing couple of years for console gaming. Regardless, the Nintendo Switch family of devices is set to become the top-selling consoles again in 2022, with around 21 million sold to consumers, aided by the release of Switch OLED.

I don’t expect Switch Pro in 2022. Our projections for the end of 2024 have a next-gen Nintendo console, so I’m not sure a ‘Pro’ model will ever appear. “

Nintendo is often quoted as “always” working on new hardware, so we have no doubt that the company’s brightest minds are busy developing new technologies and new ways to play. But is the 2024 release window right for the new system? We’ll leave you to think it over in the comments.

The same analyst forecast summary, it was announced that the all-new Mario Kart game is “in active development” and could be showcased this year.

Whatever happens, 2022 could be a special year.

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