Amouranth streamed ‘More Overwatch 2 than hot tubs’ last month


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One month after announcement that she separated from her husband after allegations of abusive relationshipsstreamer Caitlin “Amuranth” Siragusa has tweeted some news (and statistics) about how things are going in the weeks ahead.

One of the most popular streamers on the planet – and still is in Only female top 100 on TwitchAmurant filed charges against her husband in October. before announcing that she is leaving him and that she is regaining control of her finances. Now, in a series of tweets over the weekend, she’s shared some of the first news and information (at least outside of her streams) on how things are going.

First, she posted a detailed breakdown of her total time spent streaming various games and activities since her recent return to Twitch (she understandably took a break after the accusations and was the first to surface a split), in response to criticism that its content “has not changed”. She says that prior to the breakup, she spent “50%+ or more” of her time in front of the camera doing hot tub streams, and now that number has dropped to around 10%:

These jacuzzi streams were cited by Amuranth as one of the factors behind her separation. as we reported at the time:

Her husband is also accused of forcing her to broadcast content, such as telling her to “do your best because it was a good financial opportunity” and continued to post a large number of hot tub videos even when she didn’t want to. , or forced her to participate in activities such as long streams because he threatened her.

Responding to further criticism on Twitter where someone accuses her of the whole thing being a “rebrand”, she says, “I can do what I want and still make 7 shit money a month. Life is better.”

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