Among Us seems to be doing a collaboration with Hololive VTuber

Image: @hololivetv on Twitter

If you’re still a regular user of Among Us and are a fan of the Hololive VTuber scene, read on.

As the folks at Siliconera highlighted, Cover has confirmed that Among Us will be getting some crossover content. As teased in the tweet below, you can see a member of the Among Us team with Nekomata Okaya hair and Shirakami Fubuki attire.

Here is a translation from the same source that says the disclosure will take place on September 21st:

Let’s fulfill the victory conditions with space as theater!
Please wait for the disclosure on Wednesday, September 21st.

Among Us developer Innersloth previously shared the below tweet with a Hololive Production account leaving a “Like” on it:

Would you be interested in VTuber’s crossover content in Among Us? Do you still play regularly? Comment below.

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