Alhaitham from Genshin Impact could be more than just some guy

Hu Tao waves while Xiao and Yelan watch.

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I screamed while watching Genshin Impact update stream. Aside from giving players free stuff (perhaps the least exciting part of being Genshin enjoying) during the biggest holiday in China, the developers teased what I suspected from the very beginning: the hyper-secretive Alhaytham might be the most interesting character in Sumeru’s current storyline. To everyone who believed in the legend that Alhaytam was just some dude: did you also believe that the immortal Zhongli was just some dude? Let’s do now.

First, some context. In the current storyline Genshin players have occasionally run into Alhaytham, a humble scribe who presents himself as just a boring civil servant. Here’s how a flood of updates hilariously blew the lid off this idea: Genshinthe writers envisioned Alhaytham as a secretary who helped the players save a goddess in danger from his own government. HoYoverse CEO Da Wei asked, “Is this the ‘weak scholar’ Alhaitam?” playfully referring to how the bureaucrat described himself to the protagonist. The writer immediately burst out laughing.

Substantial part Genshin the fandom believed that Alhaytham was really accurate some guy trying live your lifehence the origin stupid scientist joke. Crazy. Although he rejected the highest government position in the country, his own peers will force him to become their leader in the near future. So we’ll see how this weak scientist tries to unite his country during the next major story patch.

Some fans shocked on the possibility that Alhaitham might be important. Everything is fine. You’ll get through this somehow. Personally, I think HoYoverse has already given us a lot of clues. When he talked about the plight of scientists who “disappeared” due to the development of mental illness, he clearly concealed that it was he who knew about their plight. I’m starting to suspect that he’s keeping a low profile because of what happened in his past.

My Alhaitham craving aside, here are other highlights from the thread:

New desert area.

The desert of Hadramavet will continue the lore-rich storyline of the mercenary Jeht and her mechanical companion. Sumeru scholars believed that the ancient king of the Eremites (a marginalized racial group) was a terrible tyrant. This story has been used as an excuse to marginalize hermits. Previous quests have suggested that the truth is more complex and players will be able to learn more in the near future. With Genshin tends to block areas behind certain questsyou must complete the Golden Dream and the new Bilquis Sadness before attempting to explore Hadramavet.

Lantern Rite Festival

Genshin Every year there is an event inspired by Chinese New Year and it will come in the next patch which will bring new mini-games for you to play. For completing them, you will receive premium currency and other useful items. If you complete enough mini-games, you can also redeem one free 4-star character. Last year I wrote helpful guide which character to choose. The new healer Yaoyao is included in the 2023 line-up.

The wind god Venti will visit the Chinese-inspired region for a festival that sent shippers in a frenzy about meeting their favorites on the screen for the first time. Congratulations Xiaoven shippers. Your time has finally come after nearly three years of waiting.

New characters

MY BOY ALHAYTAM IS FINALLY HERE. I know there’s a good chance you’ve seen leaks. But HoYoverse still has a couple of weeks to tweak its kit, so remember it might not be as strong or weak as the leaks might suggest. This does not include the possibility of mistranslation (Raiden Shogun) or changes (Jongli, Yae Miko). Youtubers are already panicking over information leaks about alleged nerf to Alhaitam it would hurt his damage potential.

But these are invisible damage multipliers. It is much more difficult for developers to change what they have already shown live. So far it seems like Alhaytam is meant to be either DPS or sub-DPS. His ability allows him to get Dendro’s application, and Dendro is a reaction element. As such, his kit allows him to be kept on the field while being supported by off-field characters such as Raiden Shogun or Kokomi.

Yaoyao is a support character that should be easier to obtain due to the lower rarity of the gacha. She will be our first Dendro healer, which gives her a niche that no other character currently has. But before you dump all your primogems into her banner, I suggest you wait. You can get a free copy of it by participating in the Lantern Rite event. So if you want her, I suggest grinding for her instead of going all in for gacha.

Alhaitam and Yaoyao will be available in the first half of the update. Xiao will also have a rerun during this period. You will be able to compete for Hu Tao and Yelan in the second half. So be sure to plan carefully or you may end up spending more than you planned.

Ayaka and Lisa will get new skins

ok don’t get it too excited. While I think it’s interesting that they used a European design for Ayaka’s skin, I don’t feel like it’s an improvement over her default outfit. Her original clothes balanced her light designs with deep blue hues. Compared to him, this spring dress seems dazzling.

Lisa’s outfit is based on her academic days, which is… okay, I guess? Lisa is one of the most annoying characters in the game and I gave up on leveling her up a long time ago. This simple school uniform doesn’t make me want to use it more. I feel like it was a miss. Stop trying to make Lisa happen, HoYoverse. It won’t happen without a significant buff.

Genshin ImpactThe update will be available from January 18th.

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