Alan Wake Remastered Coming to Switch This Fall

An image of the Switch floating in front of a foggy city, with Alan Wake on screen next to the AMC tv logo.

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Today is the 12th anniversary Alan Wakeoriginal release Remedy shared some fresh news about the franchise this week. Included was an announcement that the updated Alan Wake coming to Switch this year, as well as some details on a little-known TV show adaptation first announced in 2018.

In a video released today by Remedy, the people behind Alan Wake spend about 13 minutes talking about the franchise and its future. And considering it was not so long ago that it seemed like we’d never get another Alan Wakeinteresting to hear how the franchise is expanding.

Primarily, Alan Wake Remastered goes to the switch. It will only be a digital release, which is a bummer for fans of physical media. However, on the other hand, Remedy has confirmed that it will not be a streaming title. It’s a welcome change from the last Remedy game to hit the Switch. The control. This game could broadcast only on the switch through a constant internet connection and suffered from common game streaming issues such as lag, lag, and pixelation. It is much preferable to get a real port on the switch, even a digital one.

A release date for the Switch port was not revealed after this fall. But it’s time to revisit the creepy third-person shooter starring writer and coffee-addict Alan Wake..

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Another interesting part Alan Wake The news provided in the video was confirmation that the TV show based on the game is still happening and will now be an AMC series. We knew though I almost forgot that Alan Wake the show was getting closer Remedy announced that in 2018. But four years later, we now know that AMC is partnering with the developers to create the show. In a press release, Remedy explained that “the series still has a long way to go to become a reality” so I don’t expect to watch it anytime soon. And speaking of long waits…

Also in the video were revealed some Alan Wake 2 concept art. But other than that, there was little news about the sequel. It looks like we still have a long way to go before we can play the next installment in the franchise. after the original game and its spin-off, American nightmare.

Meanwhile, Remedy announced last month this is a remake Max Payne 1 and 2 via Rockstar Games.

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