AI makes real versions of anime and manga characters possible

Machine learning can be used to create realistic versions of manga characters.

Kokichi Muta from Kaisen Jujutsu is brought to life by AI.
Screenshot: AImikan / YouTube

We’ve already seen how AI can give Street Fighter characters human faces. Now let’s see what he does with the manga.

YouTuber AImikan captured images of manga characters and fed them through an artificial intelligence composite imagery site. Artbreeder

But Photoshop is not.

Smiles are definitely important when creating new AI images.

Artbreeder allows users to customize AI-generated images.
Screenshot: AImikan / YouTube

For example, you can’t just add a mole or scare here or there. This process is not passive; rather, it can be time consuming and cumbersome. AImikan can spend from 30 minutes on one character up to five hours.

The site allows users to upload images, combine them with AI images, and then customize their creations. In portrait mode there is there are different categories such as “Age”, “Eyes open”, “Happiness” and much more that can be enlarged or reduced by changing the appearance.

This allows users to create realistic and sometimes vaguely realistic versions of characters.

On A.I. Mikan channelThe YouTuber explains that the goal is to decide if it is possible to recreate manga and anime characters using machine learning.

“Since this will be reproduced through machine learning, there will be ‘characters that are not quite alike,'” On AImikan wrote, asking viewers to forgive certain aspects.

What makes it so fun to use with manga characters is that, like many video game characters, they are highly stylized depictions of people. One key difference, however, is that the characters in the manga are 2D drawings. Compared to many 3D video game characters, the game between manga characters and real people is even greater.

What’s more, since so much of the manga is updated with action films, the AI ​​versions provide an immersive look at the selection of fantasy castings. These are not real people! But if they were, some of them would be perfect.

But not all, because the use of AI has certain limitations. Unlike Photoshop, where your imagination can run wild, Artbreeder works within the parameters of machine learning. However, this is what makes the results interesting.

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