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If there’s one thing the World War Z gaming franchise is known for, it’s that huge hordes of zombies pounce on you. We took this design philosophy to heart as we prepared to release the highly anticipated Horde Mode XL update for World War Z: Aftermath.

Launching tomorrow is Horde Mode XL, a new game mode that takes advantage of the power of the PlayStation 5 to display more bloodthirsty zombies on screen at the same time than ever before, including the previous Horde Mode Z.

In the new mode, you and your friends will find yourself on a new map where you have to protect a civilian camp located inside a shopping center.

Three playable zones are connected to this mall, and each of them represents a separate front line under attack by swarms of zombies, seeking to get to civilians.

  • Restaurant Zone: The swarm attacks from the temple and the village.
  • Riverside area: the swarm attacks from the city
  • Construction site: swarm attacks the factory

The rules are simple: survive as long as possible and don’t let the zombies get to civilians.

The main difference in the new mode is that some waves of zombies will be “XL waves” with a mind-boggling amount of zombies on screen at once, and they will all come after you and your team.

In order to survive this onslaught, you will need to stock up on supplies to launch a reinforced defense. These are unique events that are triggered at the start of wave XL if you’ve stockpiled enough, and they kill a ton of zombies at once.

The more supplies you store, the more deadly your enhanced defense will be. Hardened defenses are different in each area: the Restaurant area has missiles, the Riverside area has jet fighters, and the Construction Site has explosive gas.

Horde Mode XL also has other new gameplay features and surprises that we look forward to discovering when you start playing.

New weapon development system

Horde Mode XL isn’t the only feature launching with this update. The rest of the update includes a new weapon progression system and is available for both PS4 and PS5 players.

In the new system, skins are not tied to specific weapon stats. While you still need experience points and supplies to level up your weapons, leveling up now follows a linear progression of stats (and unlocking various bonuses), and you can apply any skin to your weapon.

One of the most important new features are weapon perk slots, which become available as you progress. Each firearm has three slots into which a unique set of perks can be inserted. Perks are divided into two categories based on their effectiveness: Unique and Common. Players can only install one Unique Skill and two Common Skills. Perks can affect stats or provide unique gameplay benefits, generally providing some flexibility in customizing your weapon.

We’ve also created tons of new free skins for every weapon that can be unlocked through the weapon progression system!

It’s also important to note for WWZ: Aftermath veterans that your progress will not be erased with this update. For example, if you previously unlocked the 3rd version of a weapon, that weapon will now be upgraded to tier 3 in the new weapon progression system; they will be identical in terms of characteristics. You will also have access to all previously unlocked skins.

The Horde Mode XL update is just the beginning

We’re thrilled that you’ll find yourself in the Horde Mode XL update on January 24th. The new Horde Mode XL game mode, overhauled weapon progression system, new weapons (Sai ​​knives and Tri-Barreled Shotgun) and new skins make our biggest update yet.

This is just the beginning of World War Z: Aftermath. As you continue to support this title, we will do the same. Stay tuned for more interesting updates in 2023.

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