Afterimage is a beautiful hand-drawn Metroidvania with a title due next year.

There are many 2D Metroidvanias spinning around but there is a reason for that – they are often enjoyable, and the best recordings in the genre can be top-notch. Another one that is set to move at the end of 2022 is Afterimagewhich is the work of developer Aurogon Shanghai.

It has very beautiful hand-drawn visuals with the hope that it will be well optimized for the Nintendo system – we already have some great 2D games on the Switch. The concept and setting looks pretty promising and you can see some of the official details and screenshots below.

Explore Engardine, a mystical world created by a supreme deity, full of beautiful sights and countless secrets. Walk through over 15 hand-drawn environments, from towering volcanoes to the ruins of an ancient metropolis. Guide Rene, the fearless heroine, on a 25-30 hour adventure full of secrets. But be careful, as, as amazing as the views of the Engardine are, there are many corrupted creatures and dangerous enemies in it.

Travel across different regions of the Engardine, challenging opponents and encountering new game mechanics in each area. Fight over 150 opponents using various weapons and ten character abilities. Equip Rene with two primary weapons and one secondary weapon, swapping them during smooth combat encounters to create your own combat styles on the fly. Fight strange creatures, avoid deadly traps and defeat bosses as you cross the Engardine.

Uncover the world’s most intimate secrets as you slide, jump and climb through challenging environments. Meet the wandering best, good-natured and friendly characters as they study their stories and gather information about the history of Engardin to understand what happened to the sublime landscape. Search every map for secret paths, hidden chests, and powerful new abilities that enhance Renee’s skills both in and out of combat to help her become the greatest warrior on earth.

This is a little later, but we will definitely keep an eye on it; let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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