After Back 4 Blood, No One Is An Alien Player: Fireteam Elite


Image: Focus Home Interactive / Cold Iron Studio

Aliens: Elite Battle Group was released on 23 August and received mixed reviews, but on Steam it averaged around 10,000 players in the first few weeks after release. But lack of content, small updates and, possibly, the release of popular Back 4 Blood recently killed the PC player base, only 792 players are online at the time of writing.

Developed by Cold Iron Studios, Aliens: Elite Battle Group is a cooperative third-person shooter that plays in a similar way Back 4 Blood and left 4 Dead… It has different classes, development system and loot. I played a decent part of the game in co-op with my brother and had fun with her, but I would be lying if I said I was happy to play more. And it seems I am not alone

An image of the huge player crash that the Aliens are currently facing.

Screenshot: Steam / Kotaku charts

Within the first two weeks after launch Fireteam elite enjoyed by 10k-13k active players. At its peak, it even reached 15,500. Not very impressive numbers compared to bigger games like Counter Strike or Warframebut tough enough to make it to the top 100 on Steam. But now, 55 days later, the co-op shooter is struggling to keep 1,000 active players alive. It dropped out of the Top 100 Steam Games and is currently ranked 571.

So what happened? Well, it looks like even with the backing of such a popular franchise as Aliens, the game is simply not connected enough to the players to keep them coming back. People don’t hate the game as it has mostly positive reviews on Steam.… But the lack of major updates and content means that even those who dig have nothing else to do. The last major update for the game was back in early September., which added a new class and started the first season of the game. Since then, these have been mostly tiny updates in which something has been fixed or fixed.

It also doesn’t help that Back 4 Blood, a game very similar to Aliens: Elite Battle Group, was recently released. He was incredibly popular on Steam even during the beta, hit nearly 100 thousand players on the platformToday it is among the top 20 most played games on Steam. Now there are about 45 thousand active players on the network, killing zombies together.

There is still a chance that Aliens: Elite Battle Group can turn everything around. I hope so. I think some new content, including new missions and enemies, as well as more frequent events and a few free weekends, could help bring back some of the audience it once had. But it is also likely that he will quietly disappear into the darkness when his servers one day go down and years of hard work disappear overnight.

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