AEW video game named after crowd chant That’s 2 Sweet

Screenshot from early footage of the upcoming AEW Fight Forever showing Kenny Omega in the ring.

[Little V’s ‘Battle Cry’ intensifies].
Screenshot: AEW Games / Yuke / Kotaku

After AEW Dynamite and Rampage went off the air, President Tony Khan went out to the audience and announced the official name of his upcoming video game. His name: AEW: Fight forever.

For regular wrestling readers”mud sheets”, the name of the upcoming AEW video game will not come as a surprise after the promotion. trademark registration at the end of March.

“Fight Forever” is one of the many infectious chants wrestling fans spew out, letting wrestlers know just how impressed they are with their in-ring gossip, hoping the slobbery mallet display will never end.

In addition to the Pittsburgh audience talking about the title of the game live, AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts invited fans to perform. a series of chants to be recorded for the game. What followed there was a roar of chants for AEW World Heavyweight Champion “Gallows” Adam Page, double Adam Cole chant “Bay Bay” and “Boom” and chant and chant “FTR”, “Dax” and “Cash”. for Sting icon. Recordings indicate that these wrestlers will be playable or at least present in the game along with Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Darby Allin, Jungle Boy and Hikaru Shida, who have already been announced.

In September, AEW announced that the late great Owen Hart will also join the list as a playable character. The announcement was made as a result of AEW’s partnership with the non-profit charity Owen Hart Foundation. This will be Hart’s first appearance in a wrestling video game since Showdown: Legends of Wrestling in 2004.

Early footage AEW: fight forever was first discovered in November last year. The company also created a series of fake press conference videos for the game, parodying video game presentations such as E3. In June and September last year, AEW showed wrestlers to fans. Darby and jungle boymotion sets during a developer update.

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The game is reportedly being developed by Japanese studio Yuke’s. WWE Smackdown! and WWE 2K games with the help of Hideyuki Iwashita, who directed WWF No mercy and Def Jam Vendetta. It’s safe to say that the game is in safe hands.

A screenshot from the AEW Game 1.0 special event showing the wrestlers standing in front of the podium showing off their new video game.

Ignore the blurry “plumber’s son” in this photo.
Screenshot: AEW/Kotaku games

“I’m thrilled to be a part of AEW’s new wrestling game,” Iwashita said during the AEW Games 1.0 special event in November 2020, adding that it will be “a dream game for fans around the world.”

It should also be noted that AEW already has two mobile games, so this won’t be the first game for the wrestling company. But according to a November 2020 press release, it will be the first console game.

In accordance with Combat Choice (which is paid, but the report was shares Wrestling Inc.), AEW: fight forever it is expected to be released sometime in September this year.

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