Adventure game Blind Fate: Edo no Yami is available on Xbox

Hi all! This is Alexandra from 101XP and I’m happy to announce that our game Blind Fate: Edo no Yami now available for Xbox players! Right now, you can embark on a fantasy journey through post-apocalyptic Japan to fight mechanized yokai and anyone who dares stand in the way of a real warrior!

Way of the Samurai

Take on the role of the demon hunter Yami. Blinded in battle, he must now rely on his enhanced senses, a high-tech replacement for his old vision. Yami has been implanted with sensors to sense enemies around him, and an oni-mask that processes environmental data to project a simulation. external world.


At your disposal is a reliable sharp sword and a deadly cannon built into your hand, a complete berserker. With these tools, you will make your way through the hordes of ruthless enemies. Use numerous combinations of attacks to stun the enemy, then unleash a spectacular finishing move. Become the blind blade of vengeance in this brutal new reality!


New world, old problems

It’s a distant future, and the cities of Japan lie in ruins, ruled by the shogunate and its deranged machines. The New Edo period combines incredible futuristic technology with traditional Japanese folklore. The cyberpunk aesthetic of abandoned urban centers sits next to abandoned villages and ancient temples… But what happened to this world? Find out as you uncover the story of Yami’s own past.


Use your implants to uncover the myriad secrets scattered throughout the game’s locations, then upgrade your stats and abilities to become stronger and ensure your survival in this realm of decay and danger.


And Cars rose from Ash…

Get ready to fight the mechanical threat throughout your adventure. More adaptable than humans, robots of all shapes and sizes have taken over the scorched earth. They hide in the shadows, but that doesn’t mean much to our blind hero, so call on your sensors to spot the crouching youkai! These demonic devices still radiate heat, smell, and sound. Skillfully switch between implants to track enemies and force them to fight on your terms. Defeat common enemies and vicious bosses, and then take the trophies of your hunt in the form of data and knowledge!


Can you trust your feelings, real or artificial? Is the world around you really what it seems, or are you being misled? Play Blind Fate: Edo no Yami and find out the truth yourself! Available right now for all Xbox players!

Xbox Live

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami




It’s a new, dark and machine-filled Edo period, and the shogunate rules Japan with their just but ruthless hand: you. You are following orders. You obey. You are killing. Until your eyesight is taken away and you must learn to “feel” the world again… – A world of data and lies Mask They create a simulation of the world around you, but be careful: the old data will show you only deceptive echoes of the past. – Swords sing invisibly Even blind you are unstoppable. Use various sensors to detect your enemies and determine their weak points, and then crush them with lightning speed. – Robotic Folk Tales of Japan Discover the story of dozens of robotic versions of Japanese fairy tale creatures! Find their weaknesses and destroy each one with a crushing finisher! — Long-lost knowledge of mechanics. Your sensors are penetrating the veil of the past. Use sound, smell, and heat to explore the world, uncovering centuries of knowledge and guiding Yami on his vengeful, story-driven journey.

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