Adult Mecha RPG ‘Wolfstride’ Coming to Switch Very Soon

Announcements for some releases appear very close to launch day, and wolfstride definitely falls into this category. Designed by Ota Imon and published by Raw Fury, it is confirmed to hit the Switch eShop on May 10 in North America and Europe and May 12 in Japan; in the US it will cost $14.99 with normal regional variations.

The Switch reveal trailer doesn’t really show much of what it’s all about, but we think it’s definitely worth watching. It was well received on Steam, and turns into a rather quirky and unique “mechanical RPG”. Below is the official description and the old trailer:

Wolfstride is a story-driven, humorous RPG that puts you to the test in a fast-paced mecha tournament. As a trio of daring criminals, including dog mechanic Duke, pilot Leopard Knife and master of many talents Dominic Shade, you’ll take on your robotic rig in need of a lot of love.

Repair and upgrade by doing odd jobs to pay the bills and fight the best of the best while running from the regrettable decisions of the past.

Let us know what you think; will you pick it up next week?

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