Activision Blizzard Employees Demonstrate Calling For The Resignation Of CEO Bobby Kotick

About 150 Activision Blizzard employees gathered yesterday outside the Blizzard offices in Irvine, California to protest the company’s CEO Bobby Kotick following recent allegations of misconduct. Wall street journal report.

Employees gathered to protest the CEO’s continued role at the company following allegations that the CEO was directly briefed on various allegations of misconduct and harassment complaints, including a 2016 sexual assault incident at Sledgehammer Games that was settled out of court ok, but Kitty did it. not inform the Board of Directors of Activision Blizzard at the time.

The report also mentions an incident in 2006 where Kitty reportedly threatened to kill the assistant because of the voicemail.

Activision has issued a defensive statement in response to a WSJ report that mentions a recently developed “zero-tolerance policy” seemingly initiated by Kitty:

The ABK Workers’ Alliance calling for Kitty’s resignation tweeted in response to Activision’s own statement:

The report cites examples of Kitty failing to disclose internal investigations to the board of directors, and suggests that a controversial email sent by Fran Townsend to employees following a misconduct and discrimination lawsuit filed in July this year, which Kitty later described as ” the tone “dull” was actually composed by Kitty himself.

This latest development in the current situation with Activision Blizzard comes after Jen Oneal recently stepped down as Blizzard co-CEO following the departure of J. Allen Brack in August. Onil and Mike Ibarra were named co-heads, although the former boss of Vicarious Visions resigned in just three months. The WSJ report said her departure was due to being paid less than Ibarra, despite their joint position, and because she was “symbolized, marginalized and discriminated against” at the company.

Activision Blizzard Board Released statement expressing their support and confidence in Kotik, which drew further criticism, including from outside PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan

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