Accidentally: Yoshi from the Super Mario series apparently have different names

Image: Nintendo

Well, here are some Nintendo trivia that you may not have heard of before – Yoshi (as in the group, they are also called “Yoshi” or “Yoshi”) obviously have different names.

Whether you want to tap into this knowledge or not is completely up to you, but according to the material Nintendo of Europe published at the time, every Yoshi in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island had a name. There was Yoshi, Mario’s main assistant, and in addition to that we have Johnny, Sunny, Cloudy, Eddie, Nettie, Tommy and Marcy.

As Super Mario Broth Explained Through Twitter User Scan @SiggiStab, these names were actually used in the official game guide for the region, as well as in the Club Nintendo comics. As highlighted in the answer, these names were supposedly based on the names of the Club Nintendo staff at NoE who worked on all of these materials.

While these names are admittedly not recognizable outside of this region, it’s nice that they finally managed to give a name to all of these friendly faces. Do you have a favorite Yoshi? Tell us below.

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