Accidentally: Wii U owner’s son stuffed a bunch of carts into the drive

Image: Nintendo Life

If you’re even remotely in the true hellscape that is Twitter, then you’ve no doubt seen the meme of gamers taking pictures of their Switch console docked to a game disc from another platform on top; a metaphor for the user’s desire to see a Switch port of said game.

Very funny, we’re sure you’ll agree, but ultimately a harmless way to get a few likes and retweets. What if you try the other way around? Inserting a Switch cart into the Wii U drive certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster, and unfortunately, that’s exactly what one owner in North America had to deal with after their son got his hands on both systems.

In a Twitter post, the user Jose A Cruz shared photos of a gutted Wii U console to remove a bunch of Switch carts from the drive. Looking at the photos, it looks like there are only four carts, and although it’s impossible to see them all, we can see that three of the four are Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Mario Party Superstars, and Donkey Kong. Country: Tropical freezing.

How exactly this happened is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the owner’s son mistakenly thought Switch carts would work on the Wii U? Maybe it was a riot? Regardless, we just imagine the look on the poor owner’s face when he realized where his missing Switch carts were – introduce!

Fortunately, everything seems to have ended on a positive note; in a follow-up tweet, the Wii U drive is working fine and the Switch carts have been safely removed with no sign of damage. Happy Days!

However, let this serve as a warning; if you have children, especially small ones, be sure to keep your valuables out of their reach. Mobile carts can taste pretty disgusting, but that doesn’t mean they won’t end up in other hard-to-reach places!

Have you lost your Switch cart only to find it in the most unusual places? Share your stories in the comments below!

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