Accidentally: Vanilla Ice has never looked sharper than 8-bit form on an analog pocket

Image: Frank Chifaldi

Connoisseurs of both games and rap will undoubtedly know that Rap Quest, an ill-fated Game Boy game tentatively titled “Rap City,” which originally featured ’90s rapper Vanilla Ice before rights issues made his music unusable. As we previously reported, Equilibrium Software completed the game and submitted it to Nintendo, although it was never released.

Fast forward to the gigantic events of Nintendo in 2020/21, when a lot of historical Nintendo-related internal development material was leaked on the Internet and the Rap Quest ROM batch pre-check was leaked online – and anyone with an Internet connection and facility Game Boy Empty Cart Recording lets you play your game with superior pixel precision and increased resolution in one of these lovely new analog pockets.

As highlighted by the developer, game historian and in every way a good game egg Frank Chifaldi, Vanilla “Cool Q” looks like incredible sharpness on an ultra-clear analog PDA screen. Pay attention to the flattest top if you like:

If you’re curious about the game, it puts you in the shoes of the world’s largest rapper trying to save rap music itself by beating up bullies and finding discs hidden around each of the five city stages of the game. GameBoyle details the details in the video below if you’d like to hear more.

As for us, we can’t stop zooming in on Cool Q’s hairstyle – the more we do, the more we appreciate the masterful impressionist pixel art showcased here. This is really cute. Good. Baby.

Sorry, I could not resist this. Share your thoughts with us on any related topic of your choice: Vanilla Ice, licensed games from the 90s, this lost Game Boy classic, the best Rap X Video Game crossovers ever, or what it seems to have everyone except you. one of those lovely analog pockets, bastards.

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