Accidentally: “Roadkill NES” found on the side of a Texas freeway, restored to working condition

They definitely don’t make them the way they used to, right? Well, this is definitely the case when it comes to this poor, unloved NES being rescued from the freeway side in Texas.

Discovered by Rob Ivey (AKA: Outdated geek), The NES seemed to be abandoned, and despite Ivy’s useful information about the console’s whereabouts on social media, it stayed there until he decided to pick it up and pass it on to his buddy. 8 bit guywho decided that he could be able to save him.

Surprisingly, he was right! Although the console refused to boot on the first request, and the RF screen inside was curved, it – with a bit of TLC – returned to working condition. In fact, The 8-Bit Guy even goes so far as to clean up a cracked and cracked case and fix the legs on the underside, resulting in an NES that can be fun for years to come.

Just remember kids – NES is for life, not just for Christmas (1986).

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