Accidentally: Pickmin Bloom’s player accidentally sends Pickmin on a homecoming-style mission

Image: Nintendo / Ákos Szabó via Pexels

Pikmin Bloom is now available in America and we have enjoyed it so far, especially now that it is. “Detailed guide for new players“available on Reddit thanks to one hardworking player.

Most of the details listed in the guide relate to the collection of fruits, petals and seedlings, as well as how the Pikmin squad works, but there is one small point that we particularly liked:

“Be careful about sending a picmin on an expedition if you are traveling long distances by plane / car. Once I flew to another state, and then it took picmin 40 actual days to travel across the country to get to me. “

it heartbreaking… Poor fellows! Of course, most of us don’t travel too much these days, but if / when something opens up again, just remember to take your Pikmin with you, otherwise they will be forced to head on to the world’s cutest Oregon Trail.

Did anything bad happen to you when you played Pikmin Bloom? Let us know in the comments!

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