Accidentally: Oh no, people don’t recognize GameCubes anymore

Image: Nintendo Life

Remember when people realized that the Save icon was small floppy disk – would it be unrecognizable for the younger generation? Remember how old you felt? Well, get ready because this is happening again and you are the crypt keeper. Congratulations!

Here’s the backstory: The beautiful Zen game Unpacking just came out and it’s all about figuring out where things are going. Most of the time it’s pretty straightforward – cutlery in the cutlery drawer, toilet paper in the toilet paper drawer, and liquid milk in the bulk material drawer.

But there are requests for help on Twitter for Unpacking with some of the more complicated things, and some of them … some of them will upset you.

To be absolutely clear: it’s perfectly normal that people don’t know consoles from 20 years ago! Especially when the developers made it aesthetically different from the law so that it looks more like a toaster / GameCube hybrid – and we undoubtedly never got it in this lovely blue. The fault is not in people who do not recognize the cube and its beautiful corners … it is just a sign of the times.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who think so – one of the founders of Witch Beam, the developers of Unpacking, also had A Little Moments:

And another writer:

Well, at least we’re not alone. Now excuse me while we lie face down for a bit and think about what we have done in the last two decades.

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